Rokinon – Bower – Samyang: Repair

As you may know… Rokinon, Bower, and Samyang products are all produced by the same manufacturer. They make excellent lenses that preform exceedingly well, even against leading manufacturers such as: Canon, Nikon, and Sony.


Despite having a great reputation for very sharp optics, in order to keep their price point down the construction of the lenses do not have the greatest durability against impact damage.

If the lens takes an impact, or is dropped, you risk damaging the focus guides, which roll the lens focus in and out. Unfortunately the manufacturer does not support their product lines when it comes to repair. Most of the time the only option is replacing the damaged lens.

Good news! More often than not we can repair your lens. We are not able to replace any of the optics, if they get scratched or otherwise damaged, because the manufacturer does not supply these parts. However we can repair the focus guides, aperture linkage, and remove dust and debris from the optics however for less money than replacing the lens would cost.

We always offer free estimates. You are welcome to bring in or mail in your lens so that one of our technicians can examine it.