Brian Leary

Brian Leary has traveled the world photographing any and everything.  He enjoy’s many forms of photography, but night photography is one of his specialties.  From pre-planning your night excursion to specific camera settings, this class will answer all your night photography questions.


Night Photography 101 is broken down into two segments.

The first 2 hour session is lecture, where Brian has a detailed 2 hour lecture, where he covers:

1. Gear – photo equipment, photo accessories, appropriate clothing, water and snacks.

2. Camera set-up which includes specific camera settings.

3. Composition and Framing, how to use moon, streetlight and or flash light.

4.  Planning your trip, resources that can will help make your photos better.

The second 2 hour session consist of shooting on location.  Brian has scouted out some specific locations in the greater Portland area, which are all within 20 minutes of Advance Camera.  After the 2 hour lecture, there will be a break to eat and relocate downtown where the second half of the course takes place.  The locations will be discussed at the end of the first session.  Locations may consist of: Ankney Square, Portland Amtrack, downtown China town, the water front or Cathedral Park at the base of St. Johns Bridge.

The class is limited in size, as we can accommodate up to 10 people.  Brian is the lead instructor, Jordan Sleeth of Advance Camera will be assisting him and helping answer questions as they arise.  If you are interested, please call, email or stop by the store to get signed up.  phone: 503.292.6996   email: