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Class Description:

In these photography classes you’ll learn how to use your camera to its fullest abilities while improving your photographic skills and creativity. These courses show you how to change various camera settings such as the shutter speed, f/stop, and ISO. Changing these settings allows you to start making creative decisions for the camera rather than relying on the camera’s auto/scene modes. By taking the camera out of auto, you will get better quality photos that you’ll be able to reproduce due to a basic understanding of the manual settings

Photography 101

Week 1: Introductions, camera walk-through, exposure basics, how to use manual mode. Week 2: HW review. Auto vs. Program, Shooting modes (P, A, S, M), meetering, focus and drive modes. Week 3: HW review. Subject: composition, depth of field, Week 4: HW review. Subject: exposure review, how to use your built in flash creatively, Q&A

Photography 202

Week 1: Introductions, camera settings expanded on, histograms, focal length, custom functions theory. Week 2: HW review. Subject: Still photography (landscape, portrait, macro) Week 3: HW review. Subject: Motion photography (fast and slow shutter speeds) Week 4: HW review. Subject: Photo management. Q&A

Registration: If you are interested and want to know more about any of these classes, or want to sign up, please call (503.292.6996 x.21) or stop by the store. Class prices, dates and availability vary. All classes include hands on training and a handout on various techniques we cover in class. All classes require pre-payment.


Class Dates: