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Class Description:

Catalog, Library and Basic Workflow:

How does it work? Where are my files? How do I find them years from now?

There are many reasons why Adobe Lightroom® is the industry standard these days for organization of images, and for most people, all they will ever need for editing their images. This can also be one of the most intimidating and confusing programs to use if you aren’t sure exactly what it is doing.

This class is designed for everyone from beginners just starting out to the seasoned pro looking for a logical workflow. Let me put my non-technical lingo and easy explanations to use and help you understand what this program is doing and how to take advantages of its abilities to help you organize your rapidly accumulating photos.

What we will cover:

  • Lightroom® Catalog
    • What is the Lightroom® Catalog and how does it work?
    • Creating a Catalog for the first time
    • Where is it and where should it be?
    • What to do if you have more than one catalog?
  • Importing/Exporting
    • Where are my files coming from and where do I put them?
    • Using keywords at the time of import
    • Importing images from other programs like iPhoto or Aperture
    • What is Export and how do you use it?
  • File Management
    • Moving files in Lightroom® vs outside of Lightroom®
    • Finding missing folders or images
    • Easy systems for organization
    • Using Collections to group photos together
  • General Workflow
    • Creating a system from import through export that is logical and will help you find images years from now

This class is designed for Lightroom® 5, 6 and CC.


Class Dates: