Brian LearyMeet Advance Camera’s Night Photography 101 instructor Brian Leary.

Growing up in a house with a color darkroom and a father passionate about photography, Brian Leary was quite literally – exposed to photography from birth. With a love for hiking and all things nature he moved to the Seattle area in his early twenties and still calls it home today. Combining an exceptional memory with over a decade of experience in the retail side of cameras, he knows his way around almost every digital camera made. Brian spent nine months of the year selling cameras while on the side photographing weddings, products and real estate along with teaching photography to fund his insatiable wanderlust for the other three months of the year.

Brian has explored more than twenty countries and driven his way through more than two-thirds of the USA. During his travels the natural world around him and the cultures inhabiting them are the focus of his imagery with a strong passion for nighttime landscapes. As a full-fledged travel addict Brian has had the opportunity to photograph everything from endangered rhinoceroses to the Dalai Lamas 50th anniversary of his exile from Tibet.

These days whether teaching one on one, in classrooms or through workshops in some of his favorite places Brian loves sharing his technical and creative knowledge with anyone interested. Still priding himself on in-camera shooting techniques in this digital age, similar to the methods of slide film shooting.

When relaxing back in Seattle without a camera, Brian enjoys cooking and exploring the trails of the Cascade Mountains (although always with a camera).

Brian will be teaching the Advance camera Night Photography 101 – Everything you need to know class Saturday January 30th.

For more information about the class go to Advance Camera’s class page, or to see all of the classes offered check out the class listing page.