Canon EOS 5D repair

Canon no longer services the original Canon EOS 5D, but depending on the problem and parts availability, we can still repair them.  In this situation, the shutter blades got out of alignment, but did not damage/scratch the sensor.  The technician was able to disassemble the camera, replace the shutter to bring the camera back to working order.  After the camera is reassembled, the technician cleaned the sensor and updated the firmware.  The cost of this repair was $250 in labor and $65 for the shutter.

The Canon EOS 5D also has a known problem where the mirror falls off, which we can reattach. When re-attaching the mirror, it’s vital the technician seats the mirror correctly.  If the mirror is attached incorrectly, the focus will be negatively altered.  The cost to re-set the mirror, clean the sensor and check the functions runs $100 in labor.