April 17th, 2012 marks the day Advance Camera reached it’s 50,000th service order!

First and foremost… thank you (all of our customers) whom have supported us and use the services that we offer.  We understand that there are plenty of places to shop and we greatly appreciate your business.

Since 1991, Advance Camera has prided itself on quality repair supported by a friendly staff. We continue to stay current with all the new technologies as they emerge. Over the years, the industry has dramatically changed.  Before the digital revolution, the manufacturers didn’t produce as many products, nor did they come out with a new replacement model every 6 to 18 months.  In addition, manufacturers would support their products by making parts and offering service for at least seven years.

Due to continual technological advancements, manufacturers pump out new models quite regularly and they rarely support their products for more than a few years.  On some of the less expensive consumer oriented products, manufacturers don’t even offer replacement parts at all. We at Advance Camera want you to get more life out of your photo gear! More megapixels doesn’t mean the newer model is better. Maybe you’ve been really happy with the quality your current camera produces. Not to mention you’re familiar with it. Rather than giving the manufacture more money and throwing your old camera away in the trash… Recycle! Let us check your camera out to see if we can repair it. We understand that repair has to be economical, or else it wouldn’t make sense.

I encourage you all to consider repair the next time your camera, lens, tripod, iPod/ iPhone/ iPad are in need of some TLC.

Again, we greatly appreciate the business!


The Staff @ Advance Camera