It is fairly common for Canon DSLR bodies to display the “error 99″ message.  Some folks say that it’s a memory card error and others say it has to do with the cameras battery. The truth is it that it could be either one, or a number of other issues that could be both body or lens related.

Here are some tips to help you diagnose error 99. These suggestions assume that you’ve already tried using a different lens (made by the camera manufacturer) and different CF memory card (freshly formatted).

1) Re-set the camera- Turn off the camera and take out the memory card and battery. Let the camera sit for 10 minutes and then reinstall your accessories. This will cause the camera’s “brain” to reset itself and will sometimes fix the error. If this doesn’t fix it then try the next option.

2) Remove the lens from the camera and use a BRAND NEW pencil eraser to gently rub the gold contacts on the back of the lens. It’s best to do this with the lens mount facing down (opposite of the lens picture below), which will prohibit debris entering through the rear mount. Clean contacts will insure proper communication between the camera and the lens. Dirty contacts can result in interference with the auto focus and or metering systems. Fingers crossed, this does the trick!

Unfortunately, these procedures will not fix the error 99 in every case. It’s a good idea to give them a try before taking your camera or lens in for repair since its not a difficult or time consuming process. If these procedures don’t fix your error 99, head over to our repair department and let one of our qualified technicians evaluate your camera.