What People Are Saying!

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your patience, kindness, and common sense approach to my Apple/Nikon transfer problem.”     -Barbara G.

“I have never brought my gear to anybody but Dave for nearly 30 years. I never will. The service is great and the people are awesome!”     -Jim R.

“Thanks for taking the time yesterday to consult with me about my lens.  I made the necessary adjustments and got some stunning flower pictures in my yeard.”     -Harvey B.

“Nice staff, I thought my camera had a major problem, I brought it in and they fixed it in just a couple minutes, free of charge.”     -Cameron B.

“This is the most user friendly shop I have ever been in. Super surprised at the quick easy service. Excellent! Glad you are here. Thank you for all the helpful hints. I’ll be back.”     -Jason D.

“You can tell everyone at Advanced Camera really cares about cameras and they’re passionate about what they do. They were also consummate professionals – a rep not only provided a price estimate for fixing my Canon Powershot S31S, but explained the cost of replacement. In the end, they found a way to fix my camera, replaced the camera strap and the end cost of fixing was less than I expected. Couldn’t be happier that I went out of my way to go here.”     -Logan S.

“Everything was excellent.  Service I am not used to receiving, such excellent service.  Your representative was very responsive and I just used the camera and it took excellent Pictures.  In one word… Excellent!”  -Penelpe A.

“My traditional 35mm film SLR advance was stuck, and I couldn’t afford much to repair it. One of the techs took the camera back to his desk, and a few minutes later he was back. The camera was working, and the BEST part, he didn’t charge me. I will definitely be back, and recommend other folks to this store.”     -Allen J

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