Photo Instructors

Jayesunn Krump

Jayesunn Krump is an internationally published photographer and educator based in Portland, Oregon. With his extensive experience shooting indoor and out, working with all types of people, models, children, families, celebrities, and more, Jayesunn has been a working photographer and photographic educator since 2000.

The client list of Jayesunn Krump is a vast range of personalities and the portfolio represents that well. Clients are used to expecting, achieving, and receiving only the best.

Previous clients include: Jerry Seinfeld, Ice Cube, Adam Carolla, Joshua Jackson, Sam Adams, Rick Emerson, Mythbusters, KROCK New York, The Oregonian, Willamette Week, Alice in Chains, Danzig, Vanilla Ice and Incubus.


Dave Hutt

Dave has been a professional photographer with nearly 30 years of experience in studio and commercial photography. His work is now devoted to photography education, as he conducts seminars and workshops in digital camera use and lighting systems to photographers, law enforcement and medical/dental professionals throughout the country.


John Griffiths

John has made photography a part of his life since the age of 5. His passions are hiking, traveling, climbing and taking pictures all over the world. He has photographed the NY worlds fair, Mt. Greylock in New England, Mt. Marcy in Adirondack Mnts, Appalachian Trail, Blue Ridge, Great Smoky Mountains, London, Mexico and other various places throughout the US. He moved to Oregon in 1980 and has been teaching various forms of photography through PCC for over three years.

John has several cameras ranging from a DSLR to a 4×5 view camera because there is not one camera that does it all. John chooses the best suited camera for the task at hand.


Brian Leary

Brian Leary

Despite growing up in a house with a color darkroom, Brian was never truly bitten by the photo bug until he moved to the Northwest. After starting work at a large camera store in the Seattle area, Brian’s passion for all things photography blossomed. Landscape, wildlife, street photography, real estate, product, weddings and events; Brian has had experience in most fields, but sharing his passion for photography through teaching is the most gratifying for him.

As a full fledged travel addict Brian has had the opportunity to shoot everything from endangered rhinoceroses to the Dalai Lamas 50th anniversary of his exile from tibet. Through one on one, classroom and location workshop formats Brian enjoys imparting his technical and creative knowledge with anyone interested. Priding himself on in camera shooting techniques similar to the methods of film shooting, the majority of

Brian’s image is created in camera, not on the computer.

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