Photographing People – Class

Learn how to configure your camera, select the most suitable lens and filter(s), control the light, pose the subject or prepare for the “critical moment” to create stunning images of people.

Improve you ability to use your equipment in a variety of photographic situations.

Class Topics:

  • Camera Overview
  • Lighting
  • Formal Portraiture
  • Informal Portraiture
  • Candid (Street) Photography
  • Posing
  • Action Shots

Class Details:

Format: Predominately hands-on practice with a dash of technical discussion.

Location: In the same building as Advance Camera in Suite 8126 on the backside of the building.

Registration: Call 503-292-6996,, or stop by Advance Camera to sign up and pre-pay for the class.

Class Size: Limited to 4 – 10 people

Cost: $150 per person


✔ Your favorite camera and lens(es)
✔ Camera manual
✔ Tripod
✔ Flash and flash manual (if you have an on/off camera flash unit)
✔ Flash accessories (if you have any)