Panoramic Class – Part I & II

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Panoramic Part I – In this class John Griffiths shows you how to create stunning panoramic images.  He discusses various forms of panoramas, how to set your camera up and   various tools that can help make the process easier. We recommend you bring your camera and tripod to this class.  Other points of interest he will cover are listed below:

  • Panoramas: wide format vs. wide field
  • Cropping for a 1:2, 1:3 or greater aspect ratio
  • Panoramic Cameras for a wide format
  • Panoramic Cameras for a wide field
  • The stitching alternative
  • Camera placement on tripod
  • Panoramic tripod heads
  • Finding the no-parallax (nodal) point of your lens
  • Camera settings
  • Camera rotation
  • Lens selection

Panoramic Part II – In this class John goes over what to do with the images after you’ve taken them.  Learn how to stitch images together in PS.  He will also be covering other similar programs that stitch panoramic images together and how they differ.  Other points of interest are listed below:

  • Correcting for vignetting, chromatic aberration and distortion
  • Transformed by projection
  • Aligned via control points, and
  • Merged via a blending algorithm
  • Stitching Software Perspecitces
  • Stitching with HDR images