Landscape Photography 101

St. John's Bridge by John Griffiths

This is a class designed to get people to see the outdoors more creatively.  John Griffiths, whom has taken photos all over the world offers insight on how to see and photograph the outdoors differently.  In this class we will cover such topics such as exposure, metering, focusing, depth of field, lens compression, the photo gear necessary to achieve stunning images and more.

September 15 – Tuesday from 7-9pm: Introduction

  • What subjects interest you, how you share photos and what you want to learn
  • Course outline and equipment survey
  • The development of cameras and landscape photography
  • Artistic styles and landscape photographers
  • Seeing Photographically: human vision vs. camera vision
  • Frame shape: aspect ratio
  • Visual clues that aid in the perception of photographs
  • f-stops, shutter speeds and ISO
  • Light meters, histograms, exposure warnings and bracketing 

September 19 – Saturday from 4-6pm: Field Trip to Cathedral Park

We will meet under the north end of the St. John’s Bridge to practice what we learned in the first class. 

September 22 – Tuesday from 7-9pm: Composition, Perspective and Lens Selection

  • Rules of Composition
  • Beyond the Rules
  • Discovery of visual perspective
  • Examples of different perspectives
  • Lenses and perspective effects

The Nature of Light

  • Quality
  • Color
  • Intensity and the zone system
  • Filters and reflectors

September 26 – Saturday from 4-6pm: Field Trip to Pittock Mansion 

September 29 – Tuesday from 7-9pm: Digital Sensors, Film Scanners and File Formats

  • Sensor and scanner design
  • JPEG, Tiff and RAW

Editing and Presentation

  • Photo selection and enhancement
  • Matted prints and portfolios

October 3 – Saturday from4-6pm: Exhibition and Critique

  • Discuss matted prints by each participant

Painted Hills 17 by J Griffiths

Landscapes for PPF Show-103

Wallowa Lake by J Griffiths

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