Travel Photography


Travel Photography Most people come back from their vacations with only one or two pictures they would consider good or worth printing.  The evolution of digital photography has improved this, but the majority of people don’t know what goes into getting the great photos seen in the travel magazines.

Travel photography is about planning.  What you are going to do before, during, and after your trip.  Travel photography is about knowing your equipment and having the right equipment.  It’s also about making the most of your equipment through proper exposure and composition.  Mostly though, travel photography is about you and your response to the people, places, and events you visit.

The purpose of this class is to provide you an overview and better understanding of travel photography.  It will start you on the path to bringing home photos you will be proud to hang on your wall instead of just taking up space on your hard drive or shelf.

Course topics:

• Learn your equipment.

• Discover and practice the techniques used to create stunning travel photographs.

• Learn how to plan for your trips (before, during and after).

• Learn various forms of composition.

Class details:

Format: Predominately hands-on practice with a dash of technical discussion.

Location: In the same building as Advance Camera in Suite 8126 on the backside of the building.

Registration: Call 503-292-6996, e-mail or stop by Advance Camera to sign up and pre-pay for the class.

Class Size: Limited to 4 – 10 people

Cost: $150 per person


• Your favorite camera and lens – macro lens(es) if you have any
• Camera manual
• Tripod
• Flash and manual – if you have an on/off camera flash unit
• Flash accessories – if you have a