Learn how to take tasteful photos of women in the nude



This class is held on a Sunday from 2:00-5:00pm w/ a dinner break in the middle and we’ll resume from 6:00-8:00pm.

Dave Hutt, whom is usually found in the studio using controlled light has tastefully photographed women in the nude for years.  There are many different components to taking photos of this type.  Dave goes into detail in regards to the following:

Breaking the Ice:  Having a plan, knowing ahead of time what you want to accomplish; having confidence approaching your model and discussing your ideas and plans

Knowing your gear:  Understanding your camera; appropriate lens selection; exploring lighting styles and effects

Posing for your light:  Exploring the nuance of close-up, 3/4, and full-length posing; dynamic curves and lines

Lighting for your pose:  Getting the most out of your lighting; creating mood and drama; low-key and high-key styling

Legal and ethical issues:  Maintaining a professional relationship with models and assistants in the studio; the importance of a model release; copyright issues

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*Because this is a hands on class, make sure to bring your camera!

Class Location: 
Bliss Studio- located on 7693 SW Cirrus Blvd #32 Beaverton, OR 97008

To register for this class, call (503.292.6996 x.21), or 
email Jordan@AdvanceCamera.com or stop by the store.

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