Macro Photography

Macro photography (also know as micro photography) is a unique style of photographing the world around us in a very close-up way.

Viewing the world at such a close-up perspective permits us to see things we have never seen before or have overlooked because of the size being so small.

Close-up photography, though technically not macro-photography, uses inexpensive tools and techniques to gain a much closer view of the subject than a normal lens permits.

Course topics:

• Learn the equipment used in macro and close-up photography.

• Discover and practice the techniques used to create stunning images.

• Work with special lighting equipment to illuminate the subject creatively.

• Experience a truly narrow depth-of-field view of the world.

Class details:

Format: Predominately hands-on practice with a dash of technical discussion.

Location: In the same building as Advance Camera in Suite 8126 on the backside of the building.

Registration: Call 503-292-6996, e-mail or stop by Advance Camera to sign up and pre-pay for the class.

Class Size: Limited to 4 – 10 people

Cost: $150 per person


• Your favorite camera and lens – macro lens(es) if you have any
• Camera manual
• Tripod
• Flash and manual – if you have an on/off camera flash unit
• Flash accessories – if you have any