Landscape Photography Class

Learn how to take beautiful landscape images by discovering how to see photographically using composition, perspective, lenses, techniques, and equipment.

This class shows you how to use the tools you have to effectively compose and shoot for  various views of nature. We will be discussing advanced techniques to create stunning landscape images.

  • Class 1: Course overview, camera equipment review.
  • Class 2: Field trip- photographing water (location: Lower Macleay Park)
  • Class 3: Field trip- photographing grand scenes (location: OHSU)
  • Class 4: Image display and program wrap-up

Target Audience: Entry-level to advanced photographer

Format: In the-field-practice at various locations with individualized, personal instruction.

Location: First and last sessions are held in the same building as Advance Camera; Suite 8126, which is on the backside of the building. Sessions 2 and 4 are held at various locations. Classes meet at the announced site; no transportation provided.

Registration: Call 503-292-6996, e-mail, or stop by Advance Camera to sign up and pre-pay for the class

Class Size: Limited to 4 – 10 people

-Camera and favorite lens
-Camera manual
-Shutter release cable (if you have one)

You may want to also bring these optional items:
-Extra batteries and memory cards