Color Management & Printing Workflow

Just as film photography required processing the film and then certain additional steps when printing from the negative, Digital Phtography too requires processing and certain steps when preparing to print.

Conventional wisdom in the digital realm says sharpening of the image should be the last thing you do prior to printing. There are other times you shold sharpen as well as other editing tasks.

Learn how to edit your images to maximize their printed impact.

Week 1: Workflow for printing images and color management settings

Week 2: Pre-Printing editing in Adobe Lightroom and in Photoshop CS

Week 3: Multi-purpose sharpening and print size sharpening

Week 4: Printer configuration and printing the final product

Class Details:

Format: Predominately hands-on practice with a dash of technical discussion

Location: In the same building as Advance Camera, Suite 8134, which is on the backside of the building

Class Size: Limited to 4-10 people

Bring: Your favorite images, your laptop if you have one with Adobe Photoshop Elements, Lightroom or CS installed.

If you are interested and want to know more about any of these classes, or want to sign up, please call (503.292.6996 x.21) or stop by the store. Class prices, dates and availability vary. All classes include hands on training and a handout on various techniques we cover in class. All classes require pre-payment.